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About Us

Esquire Technologies is an award winning and one of the leading technology companies in southern Africa of IT, Digital Lifestyle, Consumer Electronics and Mobility products from international vendors around the world. Esquire distributes and provides end-to-end solutions primarily too small to medium business (SMB) resellers and retail partners regardless of size that support the technology needs of end users including businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and consumer markets.

The company strives to be a leader in innovative business practices that has developed the World's first custom-tailored supply chain management system called the Virtual Reseller Network (VRN) which is ideally suited to meet the priorities and distribution requirements of the Online e-commerce, Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) markets and currently serves a customer base of over 12,500 active partners and over 400 Online Stores across the southern African region.

Mission Statement

To source and distribute best-of-breed products to its customer base in southern Africa, while ensuring high levels of availability and personal service and support.

Vision Statement

To be one of the most admired dynamic black empowerment company and striving to be the distributor of choice that operates on global principles to deliver best-of-breed products to the benefit of all stakeholders.


 Our Contact Details
 Tel: 012 657 8500
Physical Address:
    71 Landmarks Ave
    Kosmosdal Ext 11
 Postal Address: PO Box 3768
    The Reeds

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